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  1. Be able to reply at least one a week. Inspiration is inconsistent; habit is not.
  2. I have no limits on sex and violence. If you have any, let me know.
  3. Similarly, if you have any particular kinks or situations you want included in our writing, also let me know.
  4. Keep things moving; don't be afraid to bullshit or make shit up or assume certain realistic responses.
  5. I can play any gender or role. Tell me what you want me to play, or I can just go with my fancy.

plot lines

  • Historical or modern fantasy. A wealthy, reclusive person is approached by a mysterious stranger one rainy night. The stranger explains that they need the wealthy person's help stopping a monster who is a forming a cult to destroy the city/country/world. The stranger eventually reveals they are the monster's twin.
  • Modern or futuristic fantasy. A person lives a mainstream life with a steady job, a life partner, two children, and a dog. They return from work one day to find their home ransacked and their family missing. A mysterious young person appears, claiming to be a past lover and confidante, and that the mainstream person's life has been a lie created by a dark organization to suppress their memories of transformative technology and societal rebellion.
  • Modern. A long-time serial killer discovers that their victims are being killed by someone else before they can kill them. They begin receiving strange notes and messages implying they will be next. The original killer teams up with a local investigator to capture their copycat while simultaneously struggling to conceal their own identity.
  • Medieval fantasy. The child of two royal monsters sets out to find their parents after both disappear. Their twin sibling is left to rule in their place. The adventurer meets a dragon who promises to help rescue the lost parents, if the adventurer helps them steal golden fruit guarded by another dragon at the edge of the world.
Other storyline suggestions are welcome and encouraged.


email: vetoveritas at gmail dot com
instant message: ask for my discord handle

I can also use Google Docs, or we can create a thread on my forum.


Xander, 26, Southern California. Anime, yoga, push-ups, kale smoothies, long-form think pieces, books, travel. My B.A. is in International Affairs. I run the one-on-one roleplay search site BARBERMONGER. You can view samples of my writing here, here, here, and here.

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